Do you need storage services when relocating? If so, then we, AAA Team Lech Moving and Delivery, the right company, you should contact to help you. We understand that you may avail the possessions for the new home or office at an earlier date. Also, we know that you may require someone to take care of some of your possessions from the old home or office. We have the right storage facilities that can ensure that your belongings are safe, secure and are kept in good condition until the time you will need them.

Team lech has storage lockers available we have lockers 11×8.5×9 for only $250 per month if you need a larger area we have warehouse space as well up to 50×20×16 call ken we can move it to our storage for you for a great rate. Call us we haven't increased our rates for 5 years becouse we care.

At AAA Team Lech Moving and Delivery we are Reliable Movers with Storage Facilities

We know that moving is a demanding task that will draw on your resources whether you are new at it or have done it before. We love applying our experience so that we take care of your worries, guide you through and make the moving experience least troublesome.

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